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Camunda BPM 7.4.0 Released

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.

I’m pleased to announce the availability of Camunda 7.4.0 Final. The highlights of this release are:

  • DMN - Decision Model and Notation
  • New Camunda Modeler
  • Job Executor Improvements
  • BPMN Heatmap
  • Extended BPMN Support
  • Extended CMMN Support
  • New Documentation

You can Download Camunda For Free or Run it with Docker.

Also: Register for the Webinar.

For updating an existing installation or application, make sure to read the update guide.

Hello new Camunda Modeler

Written by Nico Rehwaldt on , under Modeling category.
Today we release the first version of the new Camunda Modeler to the public. The new modeler is a desktop application and integrated modeling solution for BPMN 2.0 and DMN 1.1. It builds on top of the BPMN 2.0 and DMN tooling provided by and brings its simplicity, performance and style to every computer. Speaks BPMN 2.0, DMN 1.1 and Camunda: The new Camunda Modeler Download the new Modeler from and start building BPMN 2.0 diagrams better and faster today.

External Tasks allows new Use Cases with Camunda BPM 7.4

Written by Bernd Rücker on , under Execution category.
In a recent Blog Post I wrote about a concept we call “External Tasks” where services were not actively called from the Workflow Engine (PUSH) but where “Workers” retrieve their tasks from the Workflow Engine (PULL). We discussed this a lot and got so much feedback that we decided to support this pattern out-of-the-box in Camunda BPM 7.4. Let’s have a look at an example (yes - we do have customers implementing video processing :-)): External Task Pattern In this case transcoding and uploading a video file can take ages.

Over 3700 BPMN 2.0 Diagrams for Research Purposes

Written by Matthijs Burke on , under Modeling category.
We have put together a collection of BPMN 2.0 diagrams for research purposes. These diagrams have been created in our BPMN trainings, which we have been giving since 2008. In all of these trainings, the participants created BPMN diagrams based on so called text-to-model exercises. We provide you with the exercise texts, the participants’ results as well as our sample solutions. All diagrams have been anonymized and are provided as BPMN 2.0 XML files, which can be downloaded from our BPMN for Research repository on GitHub.

Escalation Events in Camunda BPM 7.4

Written by Niall Deehan on , under Execution category.
The humble escalation event has arrived to the Camunda process engine. Well actually there are technically 6 of them and while each is special in its own little way I’m going to give some examples of the most widely used ones. Escalation events act a lot like error events with one very important difference - You can throw an escalation event without interrupting the process instance. A good example of the usefulness of this event can be seen in the following model: This model describes a situation where someone needs to be made aware of an issue within the process.

A new blog for Camunda BPM posse

Written by Valentin Vago on , under Community category.

I was delighted when Daniel asked me to valify (as Robert says) the Camunda BPM Team Blog and make it fit our CI (nope, for once, this ain’t meaning Continuous Integration).
Here’s the little story about that work… erm… fun and some show-off about the new blog features.

Camunda 7.4.0-Alpha2 released

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.
Today we release Camunda BPM 7.4.0-Alpha2. This is the second alpha release previewing the upcoming 7.4.0 Release. The highlights of this release are: Improved DMN Engine Hit Policies Data Types New Cockpit Features, Auditing of DMN Decisions, BPMN Heat Map, Improved BPMN Engine Support for BPMN Escalation Improved Asynchronous Execution Efficiency SLF4j Logging Faster Deployments Improved CMMN Engine Add Support for Repetition Rule Support for Tomcat 8 New Documenation Many Bugfixes Overall more than 170 issues were closed.

Impressions from Camunda Community Day 2015

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Community category.
Or in other words: Our most awesome community day yet! Last week our annual Camunda Community Day took place. I always enjoy that day very much because it gives me the opportunity to get in touch with community contributors and users. I always learn a lot during these days and I take a lot of engergy away from it. Same as last year, the Community Day took place here at the Camunda office in exactly the same space in which we normally sit behind our desks and write code.