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Camunda BPM SpringBoot 1.2.0 released

Written by Jan Galinski on , under execution category.

Good news for all users of the Spring Boot community extension (and those who want to become users): Version 1.2.0 has been released!

The two major improvements are:

  • Support of latest (>7.4) engine features and
  • full utilisation of the camunda webapp.

You now can run a complete 7.5 webapp in your spring boot container and use embedded forms in your processes!

Email Integration for Processes

Written by Philipp Ossler on , under Community category.

Since emails are a common form of communication, processes may also interact with them. For example an order process can start when a new order is received via email or an email is sent at the end which contains an invoice. The extension camunda-bpm-mail makes it easy to integrate emails in a process and interact with them.

Camunda BPM 7.6.0-alpha1 Released

Written by Thorben Lindhauer on , under Execution category.
Today, we release Camunda BPM 7.6.0-alpha1. It is primarily a release that fixes a regression in the REST API’s correlation method as present in 7.5.0. Check JIRA ticket CAM-6139 for whether this problem affects your application. Also, it porvides the following improvements / features: Access DelegateExecution from Context (Thread Local) using Public API Get a correlation result response when correlating a Message Retrieve the Error Message of a thrown Error Event Read the release notes for a complete list of changes.

Camunda Modeler 1.1 released

Written by Nico Rehwaldt on , under Modeling category.

We are happy to announce version 1.1 of the Camunda Modeler!

This release provides an update on CMMN modeling, adding the ability to model on-part as well as discretionary connections. Diagram search is now available for CMMN diagrams along with modeling support for a number of other elements.

Download the new version from

Camunda BPM 7.5.0 Released

Written by Thorben Lindhauer on , under Execution category.

After six months of dedicated work, we are proud to announce the release of Camunda BPM 7.5.0.

The highlights are:

  • Process Instance Migration
  • Multi Tenancy with Tenant Identifiers
  • Reporting API and Duration Report
  • External Task Improvements
  • Webapp UI/UX improvements
  • New Supported Environments
  • And More

Download Camunda For Free or Run it with Docker.

Register for release webinars held in English language and German language where we will present the new features to you.

Read the update guide to learn how to update an existing installation or application.

See our JIRA for a list of known issues and the section at the end of this post on issues that we are fixing in the near future.

Citizen Identity Enrolment using BPMN and DMN

Written by Robert Parker on , under Community category.
Citizen Identity Enrolment using BPMN and DMN At a recent ‘Hack Day’, I decided I wanted to explore a combined BPMN and DMN solution using the latest Camunda implementation. For a use case I settled on identity enrolment. Identity enrolment requires a combination of process, interactive user tasks and is rich in decision logic. Hence a perfect use case for the combined offering. At a high level, identity enrolment can be abstracted to the following pattern.

Camunda Modeler 1.0 released

Written by Vladimirs Katusenoks on , under Modeling category.

We are happy to announce version 1.0 of the Camunda Modeler!

This release contains many new features and stability fixes that significantly improve the modeling experience. Working with large diagrams should be a lot faster due to features like copy and paste, searching and custom element templates. In addition to that, we are introducing CMMN support in the Modeler.

Download the new version from